It’s the #1 investment companies must make in their future growth and success.

Hi! I am Gaurav Bhalla.  I show global companies how to win customers’ hearts by excelling at customer value creation. Let me explain why I chose “customer value” as my Everest.  

Quite simply, winning customers’ hearts by creating and delivering compelling customer value is the single most effective strategy for acquiring and retaining customers and growing earnings; something that Peter Drucker said should be the fundamental goal of any business.  It is also, hands down, the best investment a company can make in its own future growth and success. 

How do I do it? By encouraging companies to adopt a disciplined process to innovate continuously, by identifying, and helping remove the obstacles that prevent innovation from flowing freely, and by keeping the company focused on continuous customer value creation that results in new value for the customer and in sustainable profitability.

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